Which surfaces are suitable for pool areas?

Appearance, ease of cleanliness and durability are all important for selecting a material for a pool, but the most critical condition is probably safety and to ensure the surface is non-slippery.

Pool with Lundhs Blue

This is an advantage with such a material as granite. It can be treated in many different ways. A polished surface has almost no friction when used in a wet area such as a pool, and it is very easy to keep clean. Various surfaces with a sawn finish are giving more friction, and a flamed finish gives the desired non-slippery properties.

In a dry environment, there will be big differences between polished and e.g. flamed finish. The advantage when using the same granite with different finish in a pool is that there will be almost non visible differences in the appearance when used in wet areas such as a pool.

Below is an example where Lundhs Blue granite is used with different finishes. The edges around the pool and the stairs into the pool are done with flamed finish. These are areas where it has to be non-slippery surface due to safety. Since these areas are in wet areas, there will be the same appearance of the material as the polished. The vertical walls and the floor in the pool is done with polished finish. These are easy to keep clean and smooth to be in contact with bare skin and swimwear.