Natural stone as a cladding material

What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural stone as a cladding material?

Stone cladding is a way to get the look of a stone building without using full-sized stone pieces. Thin pieces of stone are cut thin and are attached to a another material to form sheets, such as those that imitate brick or stacked stone. These sheets are attached to the walls or floors of a building to give it the appearance of having been constructed out of stone.

Stone cladding can emulate the look of rough-hewn stone, but that isn’t your only option. The stone wall cladding is available in many different types of stone, including things like brick and sandstone. Sheets of marble or slate are also available, as are sheets of rock that only look like these more expensive natural stones. These replacements are often made out of lighter, less expensive materials such as concrete or polished rock. There are also other smooth stone options that look similar to marble or slate.

Exteriors aren’t the only place to use stone cladding. Interior design work with interior stone cladding is another option. Stone clad accent walls are a good way to get the look of an exterior space inside. Stone cladding can also be used as flooring, depending on the finish.

There are many reasons to choose stone cladding to improve the look of your home. The weight of cladding is much less than the weight of full sized stones. Unless you are starting from scratch, there is a good chance that the building you own cannot structurally support full-sized stone added to the walls. Cladding is much lighter. You can usually safely add it to existing structures without too much concern over added weight.

Some areas are not good places to build stone buildings, but cladding allows you to get the same look. Any place where earthquakes are common, for example, is not a good place to build a stone structure. It also allows you to build a new, modern home, with all the modern advances in insulating and energy conservation, for example, that still looks old. You can also use them in areas where full-size stone is not available due to transportation costs or limitations.

Building with stone veneer is significantly more expensive than using cladding. This includes not only the cost of the materials themselves, but also the cost of transporting and installing those materials. You can create a much more expensive looking home than you would normally be able to afford.