Things to keep in mind

Keep in mind that some finishes are more exposed to fingerprints, and some finishes are more difficult to keep clean than others.

Wet areas

Think about a swimming pool. We would choose a polished finish for the floor and the walls inside the pool, to gain smoothness and for cleanliness. The stairs leading into the pool would be too slippery if it was polished. They have to be flamed or hammered finish. Normally these two finishes give a color variation compared to polished finish, but when sunk in water they have the same color as the polished version.


This should also be considered for a facade. The color of a wall will change in appearance when it is soaked wet by rain or when it is dry, either it is wanted or not.


A polished surface is preferable for a counter top. It is easier to clean and to keep hygienic.


Which finish for which area
Area of use Recommended finishes Keep in mind
Facade All Mirroring effect. change of color when wet. Easy to clean.
Floor indoor / dry area All High gloss or smoother finishes shows easier wear from high traffic
Floor outdoor / wet area Flamed and Hammered Should be sealed if area with food / chemical spill
Counters / bar All smooth finishes Rough finishes difficult to keep clean/ damage clothing