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Why should I use natural stone?

Stone is a natural product. It is respectful with the environment, it does not destroy it. It has proved its validity as a building product through its use over centuries, proving its resistance and durability. It is easy to use, clean and easy to obtain. Natural stone encapsulates beauty, history, culture, and in the mind of the people in all the cultures of the world, it is intrinsically associated with luxury, quality and permanence.

What to consider when choosing countertops?

When choosing natural stone for countertops, it is not enough to consider only the visual, aesthetic aspects, one should also consider the physical properties, making sure that there is no reaction with acids, fats and other products used in the kitchen.

What is the range of natural stones that exist in colours?

Endless! From pure white to the darkest black, and with a dazzling spectrum in between. The widest range of colors and their different combinations that exist in nature.

What kind of natural stones are suitable for my climate?

The key is to know the natural stone application- will it be used outside or inside? Will it be used for an interior wall cladding, or will the application be for a high traffic flooring? Or will its application be a kitchen countertop or in the bathroom, or for use on steps, or window sills? The analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the natural stone will guide you to the best choice.

How can I find the natural stone suitable for my project?

You should first ask yourself the following questions-  in which climate will the natural stone be used, and for what application? Is the climate of the place extreme, very cold, or very hot, is it moderate, or is it humid, or is it a combination of several climates ?Is the  application for which you are looking for natural stone, an exterior or is it for interior? Is it a wall cladding or is it a flooring? Based on the answer to the above questions, you should now look for natural stone on the basis of physical and chemical properties and the local standards.

What are the advantages of choosing natural stone for kitchen tops?

There are many reasons worth mentioning for using natural stone as countertop in your kitchen.

Lundhs natural stone, granite, is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops:

  • User friendly: food can be prepared directly on it because the stone is naturally hard, heat- and scratch-resistant
  • A healthy alternative: tested and proven radon risk-free and with no added engineered quartz
  • Durable: with almost zero absorption, food spills or detergents cannot damage the material
Can a granite countertop withstand spills?

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