Why can we not have all the different types of natural stones that are shown in the catalogs? How can I ensure that I finally get the natural stone that I have chosen?

The catalog is only the first step in the process of choosing a natural stone of your requirement. After analyzing the catalogs you should then ask for a real sample of the natural stone. In the case of selecting natural stone for a big size project, you could follow a further series of procedures. After having obtained a small sample, you could then ask your supplier to show you a small range of that particular natural stone variety initially so that you are, this way, better informed of what variations to expect. Obtaining the technical characteristics of the natural stone is then important. Bigger size samples could be asked for to get a better idea of how the final project will look like. If possible, in some cases, a visit to the quarries and factories may be useful and informative. Often a mockup at the source or the job site is done. And finally, quality control and inspection at job site may be needed. These procedures are often adjusted according to size of the project and country.

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